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August 2014


The Animal Guardian Society (TAGS) invites you to the 2nd Annual Hearts for Paws Festival! Our goal is to raise money for the animals in our program. Who is invited? Everyone! The event is kid-friendly and dog-friendly. When is it?  Saturday, September 6. It begins at 12:00p.m. and ends at 6:00p.m. How much does it cost to go? Advance tickets are $7.00 (email [email protected]),

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Dog Park Etiquette

By Nomi Berger The lure of the dog park is inescapable. That wide expanse of lush, green grass. Trees, bushes and rocks everywhere. A high, wire mesh fence for added security. The scent of freedom in the air. As inviting as the scene may be, it’s essential that both you and your dog pass the test in proper dog park etiquette before you even

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Farewell, Becky <3

Written by Christina Smallbridge We adopted our beautiful girl Becky, one year ago this month (See Becky’s Happy Tail). Our family chose Becky because she was a senior dog at 15 years of age. We had the privilege of adopting 2 previous dogs from TAGS and our lives were enriched by the unconditional love and devotion they showed us every day. We knew it would

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Happy Tail: Willow

Willow was adopted in March 2014 and has been having a great summer with her new family. Recently, her new parents Christian and Daniela gave us an update about how she’s doing. Our ‘first born’ dog, a male Newf (Rexxor) passed away in February 2014 at the unfair age of a few months past 6 years and our St Bernard/Hound (Hondo) mix who grew up with

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Consider the Pet Sitter

By Nomi Berger Are you hesitant about planning a vacation because of your dog? Are you stopped by images of your cherished family companion in a boarding kennel run by well-meaning strangers? Consider another possibility: your dog, safe and snug at home, cared for by someone who’s qualified and experienced. Consider a pet sitter. Pet sitters are paid professionals who come to your home

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July Adoptions!

Congratulations to all of the pets who found homes this month! To Angel – Congratulations, you energetic girl! We know you must have had a confusing couple of months with us, after switching foster homes a couple of times, but as promised, it has all been toward the greater good. We hope you love spoiling your new family with love as much as they

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