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May 2015

Being Cautious is Cool This Summer

by Nomi Berger Picture yourself on a sweltering summer day wearing a long winter coat. Are you hot yet? Itchy? Thirsty? Looking for shade? Now picture your dogs on that same summer day. And you’ll have some idea of how THEY feel. Protecting them from the hot sun, air and ground is essential to keeping them safe outside. All it requires is common sense

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Allergy Alert! Itch that time again.

by Nomi Berger Has your dog suddenly started scratching herself or biting certain areas of her body? Chewing on her feet? Rubbing her face back and forth across the carpet? If so, she may be suffering from seasonal allergies. These reactions to an obvious, but invisible, itch is her body’s way of responding to molecules called “allergens.” The major culprits: trees, grasses, pollens, molds

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The Dangers of Dog Breed Labeling

By Nomi Berger For generations, the pit bull’s affectionate nickname was the “nanny dog.” Today, the pit bull is the dog most likely to be shot by the police. For generations, families wanting a loving, dependable and protective babysitter for their children chose a pit bull. Today, the pit bull is considered by many to be the most dangerous and ferocious of dogs. For

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