Consider the Pet Sitter

By Nomi Berger Are you hesitant about planning a vacation because of your dog? Are you stopped by images of your cherished family companion in a boarding kennel run by well-meaning strangers? Consider another possibility: your dog, safe and snug at home, cared for by someone who’s qualified and experienced. Consider a pet sitter. Pet sitters are paid professionals who come to your home

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Be Brave for Bedford

In just over a week, some of our volunteers will be heading south to Tennessee to volunteer at Bedford County Animal Control, a shelter greatly in need of assistance. The staff at Bedford County Animal Control have faced many hardships over the past year, and yet they continue to work tirelessly to help the animals in their care. Many of the dogs who have

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Flying Dogs—Dogs on Planes

One day I decided to move from one country to another in Europe and also decided to bring my dog with me. My little 100-pound dog. I couldn’t be the person who moves and leaves the dog behind! This meant that she had to be flying on the same plane as me, in the cargo hold, in a crate. It wasn’t a long flight,

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