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October 2009


LOST DOG Photo of LoganName: Logan Species: Dog (Canine) Sex: Male Size / Weight: Medium / 20.0 lbs Date of Birth: Jun 6, 2004 Coat Type: Short Smooth Coat Pattern: Tricolor Coat Colors: Black / White & Tan Tail Type: Curled Breed: 50% Mini Husky50% Pomeranian Declawed: No Identification: Logan is 5yrs old Born June/20040005456 (Tag)LOGAN (Tag) Date Lost: Oct 6, 2009 Last Seen:

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Why did Oliver Die?????

Why did Oliver die?By Catherine O’Driscoll When Oliver was four years old, we awoke one morning to find that his back legs were paralysed. Although we rushed him to the vet and left him there on a steroid drip, our little boy died that afternoon. For two years, I asked every vet I met: “why?”. Eventually, I learnt that Oliver had had a fatal

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A Special Day

Dear Friends, Animal Lovers, Animal Rescuers: Today is October 4th, the traditional feast day of St. Francis of Assisi. How lovely to have a day devoted to the Patron Saint of Animals. Whether believer or not, it’s a lovely reminder of those who have come before us, a testament to those who dedicate themselves and their lives to the voiceless, and perhaps a little

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