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January 2013

Featured Adoptable Dog: Dixie

Dixie is up for adoption! Dixie is a beautiful 1.5-year-old Labrador retriever mix. She came into The Animal Guardian Society‘s care a year ago from a Kentucky pound when she was only a puppy.  Her arrival to Canada was adventurous! We laugh at this story now, but it wasn’t so hilarious when it happened. She has always been a shy girl who doesn’t trust

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Did You Know TAGS Microchips?

One of the least known aspects of the TAGS organization is its microchip clinics. In an effort to provide the community affordable care for their pets, TAGS offers microchipping of cats and dogs for the very affordable price of $30. But what is a microchip? A microchip is the size of a grain of rice that, when scanned, relays a number that correlates with

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Dear TAGS: What’s the best method against pulling?

Hilary asked: I have had a few people recommend a certain way of putting on our dog’s leash to reduce his pulling. Basically it’s as follows: run the leash along the dog’s back to its hips; wrap the leash around the dog’s waist under its belly and loop the leash through itself to make a slip tie (it has a special name but I

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Top 5 Fun Winter Activities to Do With Your Dog

Despite the weather getting colder and colder, make some time to exercise with your dog. When it’s mild and calm outside (usually right after it snows), grab your jacket and your dog and get out of the house for some playtime!  Aside from the usual snowball throwing, there are other creative ways to tire the dog (and yourself) out. Dawson is up for adoption.

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TAGS Educates

TAGS feels that it’s important to always educate people about pets. It seems easy to own a dog or a cat, but there is much more to it. We can always improve ourselves to better understand our furry companions.  Chappie and Blossum (recently adopted) just graduated! Good job! Hence, TAGS introduced a Dear TAGS section in the blog where you can send your questions

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