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June 2013

Small Dogs vs. Big Dogs

Some dogs are small and some are big. The end. Just kidding. Today’s post is less about actual size and more about how small dogs are treated compared to their larger canine friends because how we treat small dogs has, in many ways, facilitated the widespread notion that all small dogs bark a lot and are aggressive. As a TAGS volunteer, I have met

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Agility: Fun for You and Your Dog!

This week, TAGS is launching its first ever agility course with trainer Emma Joynson! This series of six classes is only $120 and starts Wednesday, June 26, at 7 p.m. What is agility?you may ask. Agility is a fun dog sport through which the dog and handler work together to complete an obstacle course.  In this six-week course, as the handler, you will learn

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Featured Adoptable Dog: Tucker

Tucker is a fun-loving, active dog who is always up for some playtime. He’s been looking for a new home for a year now. Originally, TAGS rescued him from a high-kill shelter in Kentucky. He’s an interesting mix—many people see spaniel, English springer spaniel, Australian shepherd or even Rottweiler in him. Tucker will make sure you won’t forget him, not just by using his

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Helping Rescue Dogs Get Adopted in PetSmart

The Animal Guardian Society is a small rescue. We do not own a shelter or a wellness centre (however, it is one of our long-term goals). Therefore, if we want to keep in contact with the public or showcase our dogs, we can do so only through PetSmart (or Pet Valu, which recently became part of our weekend schedule). PetSmart volunteers at the Whitby

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Wordless Wednesday: Patience

This is Spike, sitting patiently on the snow in the dog park last winter. Spike is one of the dogs in the TAGS program looking for his fur-ever home! Looking for a new addition for the family? Spike might be the perfect fit! Thinking about adopting? Consider adopting from The Animal Guardian Society, click here!

Oshawa Centre Community Contact Day

Are you still hesitating about volunteering? The Animal Guardian Society promotes its volunteer and foster programs every June at the Oshawa Centre.  Our table If you have any questions or concerns and don’t want to write lengthy emails, come out and talk to some of our volunteers to get a better picture of what TAGS is about. We always need volunteers or foster homes,

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How to Deal With Separation Anxiety in Pets

Many owners face a pet’s separation anxiety at one point, especially if their beloved pet is a rescue dog. Our pets become anxious because they don’t understand why we can’t just stay and play with them all day instead of going to work. Source: Source: The Animal Guardian Society’s website. Symptoms of Separation Anxiety: Whining, howling, barking Destructive chewing Urinating or defecating in

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