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March 2019

Signs your Cat may be Sick

~by Nomi Berger~ Has your puss-in-boots lost the spring in her step? Has he turned tail and taken off at your approach? Has she given her food a sudden “paws down”? Has the love light dimmed in his eyes Then, perhaps all’s not well in kitty town. The more attuned you are to your cat’s daily routines and behavior, the sooner you’ll notice even

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Should you Kiss your Kitty?

~by Nomi Berger~ Most cat owners I know admit to kissing their cat. It seems perfectly normal among cat lovers, but non “cat” people (not to mention my mother) seem to baulk at the idea. But the question is, is it safe to kiss your cat? If you have a healthy immune system and your cat is free of disease and parasites then giving

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