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Adoption Application Form
If you are interested in adopting an Animal Guardian pet, please fill out the adoption application form.  Once you’ve submitted your form, please call us (905-263-8247) or email us to activate your application.

We thank all applicants for their submissions, however only those applicants APPROVED by the TAGS Adoption Committee will be contacted.

Please note that since TAGS is a smaller volunteer program, we are limited to adoptions within the Durham Region area. We encourage those applicants who apply outside of the area to check your local shelters and rescue programs. We are always happy to refer you to a program in your area.

To adopt a dog, click here to fill in the TAGS Adoption Application.

To adopt a cat, click here to fill in the TAGS Adoption Application.

Volunteer and Foster Home Application Form
If you are interested in joining the TAGS team of volunteers, including becoming a FOSTER HOME, please fill out a volunteer application form.

Click here to fill in the TAGS Volunteer and/or Foster Home Application.

Pet Surrender Application Form
If you are interested in surrendering your dog, please fill out the owner surrender application form.

Please note that all TAGS dogs and cats are placed in FOSTER HOMES and that TAGS does not have a shelter where animals are housed. This means that unless TAGS has an open foster home, surrendered pets must stay in their current owner’s home until a foster home becomes available or the pet is adopted. We appreciate this is a difficult time for you and thank you for your understanding.

Click here for the Owner Surrender Application Form.

Behaviour Assessment Evaluation Form
Volunteers conducting a behaviour assessment evaluation can use this form.

Click here for the Canine Behaviour/Assessment Evaluation Form.