Consider the Pet Sitter

By Nomi Berger Are you hesitant about planning a vacation because of your dog? Are you stopped by images of your cherished family companion in a boarding kennel run by well-meaning strangers? Consider another possibility: your dog, safe and snug at home, cared for by someone who’s qualified and experienced. Consider a pet sitter. Pet sitters are paid professionals who come to your home

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10 Ways To Protect Your Dog This Summer

By Nomi Berger According to the calendar, it’s officially summer! And with the hot days comes hot dogs. Imagine yourself on a sweltering, summer day wearing a full-length fur coat. Are you hot? Itchy? Thirsty? Are you anxiously looking around for shade? Now imagine dogs outside on the same sweltering day. And you’ll have some idea of how THEY feel. Protecting your own dog

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Cold Dog Treats for Hot Temperatures

Written by: Nomi Berger, content writer for our newsletter   Like us, pets need proper protection from the heat and adequate shade from the sun. This year, take shelter from the swelter and turn each day into a holiday. Spread a sheet on the grass, fill a small wading pool or set up an umbrella on the balcony. Then, invite your pets to feast

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