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December 2014

10 Reasons Why Adopting a Dog is Awesome

This list was originally posted on and was written by Lindsey robertson. Read the article here. 1. You will save a life. 2.7 million dogs are euthanized in shelters each year.  2. Rescue dogs can make incredible transformations when they are adopted into loving homes.  3. Most rescue dogs are relinquished for reasons that have nothing to do with behavioral problems, and they are generally quite loving and

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Holiday Health Hazards for Pets

By Nomi Berger Dogs are prone to hazards at any point in their life, within their own genetics. Different breeds suffer with different illnesses in general or in old age, and many owners have to find some info on their pet and what they might need to be prepared for. Some of these conditions are non preventable due to their hereditary nature, however, there

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November Adoptions!

Congratulations to Hope, Samantha and Zoe! They were all adopted in November. > We are very happy for Hope, as she was our only senior adopted during Adopt a Senior Pet Month. (Bonus: Read A Tale About Hope and Hope’s Happily Ever After.) > We are thrilled for Samantha, who has overcome a lot of obstacles to get her where she is today. > We

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