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June 2009

fun in the sun with your dog…

Summer is here and there are all kinds of opportunities to get out with your dog and enjoy your community….festivals, parades, picnics in the park…these are all great chances for your dog to get out an be social. There are a few things to remember, however. Always keep your dog on leash and under control. Be courteous of others – hard to believe, but

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Fight to End the Pit Bull Ban

Enough is ENOUGH!SILENCE IMPLIES ACCEPTENCE ~ Demand our rights are upheld!Host: Fight to End the “Pit Bull” Ban!Type: Causes – ProtestNetwork: GlobalDate: Saturday, July 18, 2009Time: 2:00pm – 5:00pmLocation: Toronto: Queens Park, Ottawa: The Supreme Court BuildingCity/Town: Toronto, ONEmail: [email protected] DescriptionOn Thursday June 11 the Supreme Court of Canada made the decision to deny our appeal of Bill 132 (BSL, “Pit Bull” Ban). This

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Please Read

Sent to The Animal Guardian Society today, please read in case you know anyoneusing this medication. SPREAD THE WORD!—– Original Message —– Subject: IMPORTANT RECALL PLEASE READ AND PASS ALONG I just went to get one of our Epileptic Dogs Phenobarbital medication re-filled (human grade) only to find out that as of LAST NIGHT the 60mg tablets have ALL been recalled due to too

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Just to Clarify

The post on Micheal Vic is from the ISAR’s newsletter, they areposted here for information only. The Animal Guardian Society has no connection with this organization, howeverwe do believe in sharing material that is sent to us that we feel may be ofinterest to our Blog readers.

ISAR’s Anti-Vick Campaign Is Being Heard

ISAR’s Anti-Vick Campaign Is Being HeardPetition Update 5 (June 19, 2009) DukeISAR’s supporters know that since the announcement of Michael Vick’s impending release from federal prison, we’ve been in the vanguard of attempts to prevent him from cashing in on the celebrity he obtained by participating in the criminal torture and killing of dogs. Our petition drive becomes more and more successful every week,

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Storm was rescued from a local shelter and gave birth to 3 beautiful female pups.They are all going to be big. The girls are 5 weeks of age.

Yard Sale Fundraiser June 13th

Come out for a cup of coffee and a muffin and enjoy our Yard and Bake Sale.We promise lots of great items, and the best part is all money raised will goto help the animals. We have NO PAID STAFF, WE ARE ALL VOLUNTEER, so when you donate to our program youdonate directly to the animals care. For further info please call us at

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