Boston Terriers vs French Bulldogs

~ by Nomi Berger Identical twins or kissing cousins? At first glance, these two small, frisky breeds may seem the same. But in spite of some similar personality traits, they’re as far apart as Massachusetts is from France. The history of the Boston Terrier as a breed began in the late 1800’s in Boston, Mass. They were the result of crossing a white English

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10 Ways To Protect Your Dog This Summer

By Nomi Berger According to the calendar, it’s officially summer! And with the hot days comes hot dogs. Imagine yourself on a sweltering, summer day wearing a full-length fur coat. Are you hot? Itchy? Thirsty? Are you anxiously looking around for shade? Now imagine dogs outside on the same sweltering day. And you’ll have some idea of how THEY feel. Protecting your own dog

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How Do You Know You’re Ready to Adopt?

This post was written by our newest blogger, Torianne Allen! She combined feedback that some our supporters shared on our Facebook page with general tips to break down the main reasons people know when they are – or aren’t – ready to adopt a furry friend. Are you aware of the responsibilities that come with adopting a pet? When you tell your friends and

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