Boston Terriers vs French Bulldogs

~ by Nomi Berger Identical twins or kissing cousins? At first glance, these two small, frisky breeds may seem the same. But in spite of some similar personality traits, they’re as far apart as Massachusetts is from France. The history of the Boston Terrier as a breed began in the late 1800’s in Boston, Mass. They were the result of crossing a white English

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Why Spay and Neuter Your Cat

By Nomi Berger If you’re about to get a new cat then you must be extremely excited! I’m sure you’ve been looking at products like this cat backpack with window, treats, and scratching posts so you know your home will be ready when they arrive. But you also need to make sure you know how to keep them healthy and also tackle some of the less pleasant

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Divorce and Your Dog: What Happens Next?

It is all too common: Divorce happens, it’s common these days as it is much more accessible to people, often times it is because they grow apart. Everyone knows you can find a family lawyer like jennifer croker for your children and your joint assets and other important decisions. But what about your pets? People fall in love, decide to take the next step

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