dog types

Boston Terriers vs French Bulldogs

~ by Nomi Berger Identical twins or kissing cousins? At first glance, these two small, frisky breeds may seem the same. But in spite of some similar personality traits, they’re as far apart as Massachusetts is from France. The history of the Boston Terrier as a breed began in the late 1800’s in Boston, Mass. They were the result of crossing a white English

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Do Dogs Resemble Their Owners?

Written by Lindsay McGill Not too often do I pay attention to what’s being said on the radio, unless of course I’m listening to an interesting discussion on CBC. While driving to work a week ago I was listening to my favourite country station and the VJs were having listeners call in to tell them what type of dog looked most like them.  This got

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Dogs Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Lindsey Sjouwerman – Marketing Coordinator, Speedpro Imaging Durham Dogs are like people: they come in all shapes and sizes, at all fitness levels and with a wide range of needs. And just like us, dogs are subject to becoming obese and lethargic, so it is our responsibility to help them keep a healthy weight and exercise regularly. The degree of exercise intensity varies by

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