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Agility: Fun for You and Your Dog!

This week, TAGS is launching its first ever agility course with trainer Emma Joynson! This series of six classes is only $120 and starts Wednesday, June 26, at 7 p.m.
What is agility?you may ask. Agility is a fun dog sport through which the dog and handler work together to complete an obstacle course.  In this six-week course, as the handler, you will learn to train your dog to run through tunnels and chutes, leap over jumps, and climb a teeter-totter, among other things—all on your command.
Emma and her dog Cobain (Coby to some)

We asked Emma to give us a little more information about agility and who could participate in agility training.
TAGS: What are the benefits of agility training?
Emma: The benefits are countless. First, the bond that is formed between dog and owner by working together is a major benefit. Agility brings together many aspects, including obedience, focus and drive. The end result is the dog being worked both physically and mentally, which is essential to a happy dog. Both dog and owner are learning and getting exercise in a fun and safe environment.

TAGS: What skills does my dog need to have to begin agility training?
To start agility training, only the essentials are needed. I think the two most important are a decent sit/stay and recall (neither of which need to be absolutely perfect, of course, but the basic knowledge should be there).

TAGS: Can an old dog learn agility?

Emma: Yes! Any dog of any age, breed or size can learn and excel in agility!
TAGS: What if I’m not in shape? Can I still do agility with my dog? What skills do I need to have?

Emma: The beauty of agility is that you don’t have to be in shape to participate! While the sport certainly will get you out and moving, we will go over skill sets and training techniques that will assist you in participating in agility without having to be a marathon runner.

If you’ve read this and still aren’t sure, here are some videos of dogs running in starter-level agility trials: Hogan’s first trial and Chelsea’s first qualifying run. With only a couple months of training, your dog can participate in a trial, too! Our one word of caution for you: Agility can be addictive!

For more info or to sign up, call 905-263-TAGS or email [email protected].