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How to Deal With Separation Anxiety in Pets

Many owners face a pet’s separation anxiety at one point, especially if their beloved pet is a rescue dog. Our pets become anxious because they don’t understand why we can’t just stay and play with them all day instead of going to work. Source: quickmeme.com Source: The Animal Guardian Society’s website. Symptoms of Separation Anxiety: Whining, howling, barking Destructive chewing Urinating or defecating in

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How to Prepare Your Dog for the Fireworks

This article originally appeared in our official newsletter for the month of May. To get more informative articles and sweet tales from the life of a rescue group, sign up for our newsletter today! Caution: Seasonal Noise Ahead The arrival of hot weather and national holidays (like Victoria Day) aren’t always reasons to celebrate. Especially for noise-phobic dogs. For them, hot weather means thunderstorms.

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