Paws and Hearts Jamboree – It Was a Fun Day!

A Beautiful Day to Be Outside With the Dogs I’m so happy that the weather was good. With a bad weather, everything looks different no matter how hard you were working on everything. And we were working hard on this alright! Our Event Planning Committee (along with GPAWS) met for two hours every week for four weeks to make sure that you and your

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How to Deal With Separation Anxiety in Pets

Many owners face a pet’s separation anxiety at one point, especially if their beloved pet is a rescue dog. Our pets become anxious because they don’t understand why we can’t just stay and play with them all day instead of going to work. Source: quickmeme.com Source: The Animal Guardian Society’s website. Symptoms of Separation Anxiety: Whining, howling, barking Destructive chewing Urinating or defecating in

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All Dogs Are Working Dogs

Libby When I was speaking with my sister recently about her Yorkie, Libby, who is almost two years old, she was telling me how she finds Libby’s typically fearless terrier behaviour endearing. I got a sense that she believed it was just Libby specifically who has this “attitude,” so I thought I would make her aware of the background of Yorkshire terribles terriers. My

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