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June Adoptions!

They say every dog has its day, and this month, that was the case for nine TAGS dogs who had their luck turn around when they were adopted into new homes! 

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We love hearing from our adoptive families to find out how their new furry family member is doing. Here’s what we’ve heard so far about the dogs adopted in June:

Tiny is a one-and-a-half-year-old Rottweiler mix. She came to us from a pound in Sudbury, and this fantastic dog didn’t have to wait long to find her new home (we love when that happens!). Tiny now lives with two other dogs on a five-acre piece of land with access to a lake. Her new owners say she is always the first into the water and has even learned how to blow bubbles!

Tex is a one-year-old shepherd mix who is now named Tubbs! Tex was adopted with Yukon, a one-year-old Lab and heeler mix who has been renamed Crockett. Being so close in age, these two make great playmates for each other, and they bonded with their new family quickly.

Tex and Yukon (now Tubbs and Crockett) with their new parents.
 Check out that smile on Crockett’s face! 

Scooter is a Pomeranian mix who was dropped off in a “doggy drop box” at a pound after it was closed for the night. Despite being abandoned in such a cruel way, Scooter has a great personality and so much love to give. This furry guy loves attention, and if you pet him just the right way, he makes cute little snorting sounds!

Scooter with his new dad. 

Pecan is a senior cocker spaniel who came to TAGS as an owner surrender. Pecan is hard of hearing but otherwise healthy and still has some spunk. Unfortunately, Pecan’s previous owners allowed her ears to become very infected and inflamed but she received treatment from TAGS, and her new family has reported that she is doing much better.

Pecan visited TAGS volunteers in a PetSmart
 recently to show off her new family.
Congratulations to all of the dogs who were adopted this month!

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If you’ve ever adopted a dog or cat from TAGS, we want to hear from you! Write to us about your furry friend, and we will share your story on our blog. We want to know about their likes, dislikes, quirks, anything! Please don’t forget to attach new photos, as well! You can send your stories (200-300 words, please) as a private message to our Facebook page or email it to [email protected]

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