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Featured Adoptable Dog: Tucker

Tucker is a fun-loving, active dog who is always up for some playtime. He’s been looking for a new home for a year now. Originally, TAGS rescued him from a high-kill shelter in Kentucky. He’s an interesting mixmany people see spaniel, English springer spaniel, Australian shepherd or even Rottweiler in him. Tucker will make sure you won’t forget him, not just by using his natural good looks but by showing off his goofy behaviour, as well. You just can’t say no to him!

Tucker’s Hobbies
Tucker’s favourite pleasure is to play with and roll around in the garbage bags in the backyard. As much as his foster parents disapprove of this behaviour, Tucker always finds a way to sneak out to enjoy a session of filth and fun. That’s what he calls it, as far as we know.

He has many toys, as well, that he likes to play with. Tucker is also a big fan of cuddling on the couch, where he can be close to people.
He can “sit” and “lie down,” and he is now learning to “stay.”
Tucker gnawing on a bone.
He is getting very good at walking with the Gentle Leader. 
Tucker LOVES to be with people because he enjoys all the attention he can get. He gets along with other dogs well; however, sometimes he needs a little reminder about manners. Tucker likes children, but we would recommend he be in a home with older children, as he might accidentally knock the little ones down with his exuberance. 
Tucker is so handsome!
He doesn’t particularly like thunder and lightning and usually hides somewhere until the storm goes away or wears a Thundershirt to help with his anxiety. 
Tucker loves to lie with his hind legs behind him, which his foster parents call “the rug.” Overall, Tucker is a very active dog (but he has settled a bit lately) who requires a family that can put some time in with him and enforces clear rules and boundaries.
Tucker doing “the rug.”

If you think Tucker may be the dog for you, don’t hesitate to fill out an adoption application form so you can meet him! More details about him can be found on our website.

Tucker is a beautiful mix of several breeds.

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