That Peculiarity Called Pica

~ by Nomi Berger~ Pica (from the Latin term “magpie”) is the term for a feline’s affinity for eating anything that isn’t FOOD. And although it appears most frequently in young cats, it can affect older cats as well. Many cats may “nurse” on fuzzy items like wool, fleece and stuffed animals due to being weaned from their mothers too early, while others may

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How to Deal With Separation Anxiety in Pets

Many owners face a pet’s separation anxiety at one point, especially if their beloved pet is a rescue dog. Our pets become anxious because they don’t understand why we can’t just stay and play with them all day instead of going to work. Source: Source: The Animal Guardian Society’s website. Symptoms of Separation Anxiety: Whining, howling, barking Destructive chewing Urinating or defecating in

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