Samantha the Survivor

Pictured: Samantha with her foster siblings. Samantha is a two-year old Doberman mix who weighs approximately 40 pounds. Samantha has had a lot of ups and downs in her short life, and through them all she has emerged as a survivor: Samantha was hit by a car last year in Tennessee where she was living before she came to TAGS. A nearby shelter was called

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Wordless Wednesday: Adopt Don’t Shop

A couple of our dogs visited UOIT/DC last week for an “ADOPT-DON’T-SHOP” event hosted by The Animal Rights Collaboration at UOIT & DC Luna definitely loved the attention! <> <> <> This is a blog hop. Click here to check out the other participating blogs. (photo by Heather Harton-Davidson)

Chaco Needs a Home! (VIDEO)

Some of our adoptable pets are in the program for a month, some for a year, and most are in between. However, there are also dogs like Chaco who, for whatever reason, take a while to find their forever home. Chaco’s Special Qualities: + He’s a big, happy lab mix (people love labs!) + He loves to play, especially with balls. + He is an

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