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Zero Assembly Required (Sort-of)

(Pictured: Luna)

Written by Nick Iordanis

I recently had a conversation with friend who said they cannot get a rescue and must get a puppy from a breeder so they can mould it into a well behaved dog. After picking my jaw up off the floor, I had a decision to make: Do I burst my friends bubble and tell him why he was wrong? Or let him find out for himself?

I understand that there are people who have allergies, or have other extenuating circumstances which cause them to need to be particular regarding a dog’s behaviour (young children, lifestyle, property size). Unfortunately, these have become common reasons why people think they need to get a dog from a  breeder and no where else. However, this could not be further from the truth.

The biggest benefit of a rescue dog, especially one which is out of puppyhood, is that we know who they are, and what their interests are. We know if they like kids, cats, old people, loud people, open places, car rides, chasing squirrels and many other things. We also, perhaps more importantly, know things that they don’t like, such as loud noises, kids, people coming to the door, or other more specific things like touching their paws.

Using proper dog training, you can use the things that they do like (a high frequency behavior), to make them do something like sit, stay, or shake hands (a low frequency behabiour). That, however, is the topic of another blog post. (For more info, checkout www.dogstardaily.com).

To me, (an animal rescuer), it just makes even more sense in these types of situations to get a dog from rescue as opposed to a breeder. Taking the dog to work? Pick the social butterfly who has a bit of couch potato in them. Don’t want a dog that barks? Pick the rescue dog that rarely barks.

I would argue that a rescue dog comes out of the box better behaved than a dog from a breeder, provided you take the time to pick the right dog for you. Every dog requires training, but I would say that if you enjoy running and want a dog to run with you, there is a rescue out there who would love nothing more to than to run alongside you.

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  1. and getting a puppy to “mould” them into what you want means you had better educate yourself on HOW to do that and dedicate yourself to MONTHS of work to make sure you end up with a well adjusted, well socialized dog. People often forget that puppies turn in to DOGS.

    Good blog, Nick.

  2. I have allergies & I still got a rescue. Some excuses just don’t stand up. And Andree is SO right – months of work & sometimes you still end up with some behaviour you aren’t pleased with if you don’t know what you’re doing.

  3. Great blog post, Nick! We’ve had this conversation many a time!

    I know someone who opted for a young puppy straight from the breeder at six or eight weeks so as not to have any “issues” and ended up with a dog so terrified of new people and situations that she pees on the spot. And I know another person who “needed” a breeder puppy because her current dog was only good with other “well-adjusted dogs,” and she believes rescues aren’t typically well-adjusted. It’s taken nearly a year for her first dog to accept the new puppy.

    People seem to think they can just order what they want when they get a puppy. It’s so true that they’re more likely to get what they want by adopting a rescue!

  4. AHMEN! I once overheard a lady in the pet store “pre-shopping” for her “pure breed” puppy that was on order. She was waiting for.. and this is exactly what she said..an “austrailian Labradoodle”
    by my count that is a tri-breed, not pure breed. I bit my tongue. We had just found our Boomer through TAGS and recently looked at hudreds of dogs at resuces and pounds that all needed homes and all I could think is that is one more dog that wont find a home. Unless you plan on breeding or showing your dog, the breed is not important, it is the dogs personality and character traits that make them who they are. if you love them, they will love you back. No matter who their parents were! Boomer has a mixture of several breeds in him and they all make him the unique character that he is.