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Brandy’s Poem

Hello my name is Brandy
I am playful and altogether quite dandy

My coat is the softest you’ll ever pet
And my smile is something you won’t forget

I bond with people quickly because my heart is so big
I’m so excited when I see them I do a jig

I would love to live in a home
Where I have more room to roam

So my dream is to be adopted one day
(It’s taking awhile, but I’m okay with the delay)

But I do want a foster home right now if there’s space
I think I’d really flourish with a change of pace

If any of you have room in your heart, 
Please help me on my way to my new start.

brandy smaller

Brandy, our big-eared Brindle beauty, is in need of a new foster home! If you can help, fill out our foster application form online.


  1. Brandy is so cute, and affectionate. I just love her ears!!!!
    Someone please give her a chance!

  2. I would take Brandy in a minute if they would adopt outside of Durham. We don’t live in that area. I love her smile.

      • I don’t know why but I just got this post. We live between Peterborough and Bridgenorth on a farm.

        • I just filled out an application for adoption for Brandy and submitted it. With any luck maybe they will reconsider that we are not in the area and we can adopt her and make her part of our family. We are hoping for the best for her 🙂

          I see that she is marked as urgent so maybe that will help to let us in to her life.

          • Hi Tonya, that’s great. Thank you for your application! I am not part of the adoption committee but I will let them know to look for your application.

  3. Hello, I put an adoption application for Brandy on Victoria Day weekend, but I have not heard anything since! Does anyone know the reason? Please let me know, I am very interested in adopting her 🙂

    • Hi there
      Out adoption coordinator said she emailed you and did not hear back. Please check your junk mail!
      Thank you for your interest!

  4. I put an application in on the 18th with a long email. On the 22nd I emailed asking if they got the application, someone emailed back saying they had and have heard nothing else. I have checked my junk mail/spam/and trash can but nothing. Is Brandy still available for adoption? How long does the adoption process usually take from application to contact?