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April Adoptions!

Congratulations to all four animals who found new homes in April! If you are interested in adopting a rescue, please visit our adoptable pets page. It’s always changing!  Molly is a 1.5 year old lab mix who arrived at TAGS when her owner decided she wasn’t able to give her the life she deserved. Molly used to spend all of her time crated and didn’t get much

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Chaco Needs a Home! (VIDEO)

Some of our adoptable pets are in the program for a month, some for a year, and most are in between. However, there are also dogs like Chaco who, for whatever reason, take a while to find their forever home. Chaco’s Special Qualities: + He’s a big, happy lab mix (people love labs!) + He loves to play, especially with balls. + He is an

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Featured Adoptable Dog: Chaco

Chaco is a sweet giant with lots of love to give. He’s been waiting for a forever home for nearly three years. He was found as a stray in Kentucky and was then placed in a pound. He was on death row when TAGS heard about him and rescued him. He knows that Canada will be the place where he will finally find a

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