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Dogs Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Lindsey Sjouwerman – Marketing Coordinator, Speedpro Imaging Durham
Dogs are like people: they come in all shapes and sizes, at all fitness levels and with a wide range of needs. And just like us, dogs are subject to becoming obese and lethargic, so it is our responsibility to help them keep a healthy weight and exercise regularly. The degree of exercise intensity varies by the dog breed and age and weather conditions.

There are seven different categories of dogs. I will mention only four of the most common in this post (I’ll cover the other three in my next post). Understanding a dog’s category actually helps you understand what the dog needs, what his or her history is and the dog’s tendencies. The more you know about your dog, the fewer surprises you will have as an owner, and the better off you and your pooch will be. 

Riley, my white retriever, playing fetch. He loves
being outside with the family. He’s an extremely social dog.

Herding dogs are extremely intelligent and easily trained. They have an instinct to nip because this is how they control the animals they herd. They require lots of exercise, space to run and attention. Breeds such as Australian cattle dog, Australian shepherds, border collies and Old English sheepdogs fall into this category.
These dogs have great instincts and talents for hiking, hunting, fishing and tracking. Dogs in this category need regular exercise as they are used to being very active.  Sporting dogs include English setters, golden retrievers and pointers.
Working dogs need considerable space due to their large size. They are trained and built to aid humans by pulling sleds, protecting or guarding property and doing rescue work. Working dog breeds that come to mind are Saint Bernards, Siberian huskies, mastiffs, boxers and Great Danes.

Extremely energetic, terriers tend to have little patience or tolerance for other dogs. Within this category, however, there is a wide range of behaviours and personalities to consider. Dogs in this category include Irish terriers, Australian terriers and bull terriers.  

Dogs are unique, and our choices affect them drastically. The more aware we are of their type and their needs, the better off they are. Not knowing what you’re getting into when adopting a dog is simply due to a lack of research. There are tons of websites that help potential owners find a dog suitable for their lifestyle. 

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  1. Yes dogs are like us. We came in all shapes and sizes. We have different attitudes towards things and so are dogs. Thanks for this article.