Wordless Wednesday: Adopt Don’t Shop

A couple of our dogs visited UOIT/DC last week for an “ADOPT-DON’T-SHOP” event hosted by The Animal Rights Collaboration at UOIT & DC Luna definitely loved the attention! <> <> <> This is a blog hop. Click here to check out the other participating blogs. (photo by Heather Harton-Davidson)

Chaco Needs a Home! (VIDEO)

Some of our adoptable pets are in the program for a month, some for a year, and most are in between. However, there are also dogs like Chaco who, for whatever reason, take a while to find their forever home. Chaco’s Special Qualities: + He’s a big, happy lab mix (people love labs!) + He loves to play, especially with balls. + He is an

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Featured Dog – Addie

Addie has come to us from a Tennesse shelter in December. We don’t know much about her background. All we know is that at some point she injured her back right leg and it healed that way. Hence the funny limping – but don’t think this stops her from running around! Her foster mom, Jennifer shared these with us so we see Addie’s true

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To My Fellow Volunteers

Dear fellow volunteers, I simply do not say it enough – you guys are amazing! This weekend alone, this is what we have going on: PETSMART – Saturday and Sunday Every weekend we feature adoptable dogs at PetSmart Whitby, and some weekends we also have a booth set up at Pet Valu locations. This requires: – a volunteer to schedule the dogs who will be

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