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Featured Dog – Addie

Addie has come to us from a Tennesse shelter in December. We don’t know much about her background. All we know is that at some point she injured her back right leg and it healed that way. Hence the funny limping – but don’t think this stops her from running around! Her foster mom, Jennifer shared these with us so we see Addie’s true personality a little better.

How is Addie with other dogs/cats/kids?

She loves other dogs and gets a little over excited when seeing them on walks. I photo_5could see her really getting along with basically any dog. My mom’s pug was here for Christmas and was very testy with Addie as she didn’t like her being in “her house”, but Addie responded very well even though my pug snapped at her quite a few times.
As for cats, she loves cats. She needs to be reminded sometimes that they don’t want to play with her but she generally doesn’t bother them. My one testy cat and her now get along, and my other cat and Addie are two peas in a pod now and hang out all the time!
We have not had a chance to have her around children but I guarantee there would be NO issues – she is very laid back and not snappy at all, the kind of dog you wouldn’t hesitate to bend down and let lick your face as she is so friendly and would never hurt a fly. Huge sweetheart.
How is she on a leash?
She needs some leash training on which we have been working with her. Addie pulls a lot depending on who is walking her just because she is so excited to go for a walk/see & smell things.
Any funny stories to share? photo_1
Addie likes to push her back end/hip into things when she gets excited, she tends to do it to dogs when she is playing with them and will do it to us to if we are sitting on the ground and she wants us to play, almost like cats do – she is quite a character, just a great dog!
What is her energy level?
High, as she is Border Collie and 2 & 1/2 years old, she could play all day if you’d let her, and loves to go for walks. Ideally two walks a day (one morning, one night) would be needed for her routine to ensure she is getting enough energy burned off.
What kind of family do you think would be ideal for her?

Ideally, a family with children that spends a lot of their time at home. Right now we are gone from 9:30-5:30pm everyday and she does absolutely fine all day without getting let out, so a family/couple being away all day for work would typically still be OK for her as long as she is still getting enough energy burned off when they are home.

Anything else worth sharing?

I think due to her transportation up here from Tennessee (28 vehicle switches) she is a little uneasy in the car. I think if she routinely got used to being in the car and knew she was going somewhere she liked when going there this would disappear but as of right now, she is not so good in the car. She drools profusely and we have also had her throw up once.
All around love bug of a dog, she loves EVERYONE. She gets soo excited to see two of my friends that come over often anytime they do, if you didn’t know you would think it was her owner coming to pick her up! And she has favoured my Dad in the house over me!
If you are interested in adopting Addie, please fill out an adoption application. You may email us or call us after it has been submitted to confirm your interest in Addie.

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