First Nations Project

∼by Carolyn Jewson∼ If you follow the TAGS website or social media you will have noticed a lot of dogs and puppies from Manitoba since November of 2017. You might be asking yourself why we choose to help these dogs over others. You may wonder why are there so many dogs? There is a crisis on First Nations reserves in Manitoba and in fact,

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Reduce Your Dachshund’s High Risk of Back Injury

~ by Nomi Berger As a breed, Dachshunds are highly prone to back problems. While the most common site is the thoracolumbar spine, the neck and cervical spine can also be affected. Known as Intervertebral Disc Disease, it involves an intervertebral disc that either protrudes to some degree or has prolapsed completely, resulting in compression of the spinal cord, causing acute pain and/or neurological

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