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Why I Volunteer: Ashley

Our Volunteer of the Month for June is ASHLEY CAMPBELL! Ashley has been with TAGS for nearly a year, offering assistance wherever and whenever she can to the areas that interest her most. Read more below!  What encouraged you to become a volunteer with TAGS? What encouraged me to become a volunteer at TAGS is wanting to give back to the community. Why not

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Why Spay and Neuter Your Pets?

By Nomi Berger   The problem of pet overpopulation is a global one and requires a solution on a global scale. But like every journey that begins with a single step, this particular journey must begin with every pet owner. Those who do their part and act responsibly by spaying and neutering their cherished family pets. Spaying (removing the ovaries and uterus of a

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Featured Adoptable Pet: Toby (with VIDEO!)

Summertime is quickly approaching, and what goes together better than summertime and dogs? Our featured pet Toby is a one-year-old Border Collie/Labrador mix who enjoys hiking, playing with all types of dogs, and discovering new things. Toby would be a great addition to any family who is active, loving, and patient. Toby needs to live with someone who is patient because he is fearful of

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