Intact Insurance Furry Friends 5K

By Torianne Allen On Sunday, June 1st, 2014, the next Intact Insurance Furry Friends 5K will take place. All proceeds will go towards The Humane Society of Durham Region, Homeward Bound Rescue and us, The Animal Guardian Society! You can run or walk the 5K, with or without your dog(s). It’s up to you! Registration is still open, so sign up today!  The cost for

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Fundraising Initiatives & Upcoming Events

We have some AMAZING fundraising initiatives on the go right now and, as usual, several events to get excited about. Please share, share, share with your family and friends! We appreciate your support and it goes a long way.   1. SPONSOR A DOG: A one-time donation of $20 gets you a kit which includes a letter from the dog of your choice, stickers,

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Why I Signed Up for The Furry Friends 5K

I am a wannabe long-distance runner. I like running because of all the usual reasons: it’s good exercise; it gives you an endorphin boost; you can do it anytime you want; it’s free; you can go alone and reflect or go with a friend and make it social…. The list goes on.  But honestly? I also really like it because it doesn’t involve catching,

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