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Interesting Facts About Whiskers

Whiskers are not the same as fur or hair. They are thicker at the base than fur and get thinner as they extend. They feel harder than fur, and the base can feel almost as strong as the point of a safety pin (but not as sharp). Whiskers are sensory in nature and are rooted much deeper than normal hair. They can sense distance

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June Adoptions!

They say every dog has its day, and this month, that was the case for nine TAGS dogs who had their luck turn around when they were adopted into new homes!  Please click on the image to view a larger version. We love hearing from our adoptive families to find out how their new furry family member is doing. Here’s what we’ve heard so

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Small Dogs vs. Big Dogs

Some dogs are small and some are big. The end. Just kidding. Today’s post is less about actual size and more about how small dogs are treated compared to their larger canine friends because how we treat small dogs has, in many ways, facilitated the widespread notion that all small dogs bark a lot and are aggressive. As a TAGS volunteer, I have met

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