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May 2013

Alternative Heartworm Prevention

After having my dogs’ blood taken for their heartworm screen, I was on pins and needles once again as I awaited the results. Getting the call that says our dogs are heartworm- and tickborne disease–free is always such a relief—especially because we don’t use our vet clinic’s recommended preventative medication. We had put our beloved previous dog on Revolution every year, believing it to

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Tips for Dealing With Aggressive Eaters

When a dog is considered to be an aggressive eater, people can have a few different understandings. Dog food aggression refers to a dog’s behaving in a dominant way around his or her food. Dogs who have dog food aggression typically snarl, bark or otherwise make it known to humans and other dogs that the food is theirs—and everyone else needs to back off. This

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Me and My Shadow

The following adoption tale came to us from Nomi Berger, a TAGS volunteer. “May I pat your dog?” It was a question I posed to many of the dog owners I met on my early morning, fall walks around the Rosedale reservoir. If the answer was “yes,” I’d smile gratefully and bend to stroke the top of yet another warm and furry head. “Do

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Wordless Wednesday – Dawson’s Photoshoot

The winner of our Facebook caption contest is Dena Elliott! We all loved her sweet and witty caption (see below). Thank you to everyone who played. Don’t worry if you didn’t win this time—we have more contests like this coming up. Dawson (middle) was recently adopted! Check out which other pets got adopted in April! Click here. This is also a blog hop. Check

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