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Allergy Alert! Itch that time again.

by Nomi Berger Has your dog suddenly started scratching herself or biting certain areas of her body? Chewing on her feet? Rubbing her face back and forth across the carpet? If so, she may be suffering from seasonal allergies. These reactions to an obvious, but invisible, itch is her body’s way of responding to molecules called “allergens.” The major culprits: trees, grasses, pollens, molds

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Alternative Heartworm Prevention

After having my dogs’ blood taken for their heartworm screen, I was on pins and needles once again as I awaited the results. Getting the call that says our dogs are heartworm- and tickborne disease–free is always such a relief—especially because we don’t use our vet clinic’s recommended preventative medication. We had put our beloved previous dog on Revolution every year, believing it to

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