15-Year-Old Becky Was Adopted!

Written by: Andrée WagarTAGS Foster Coordinator  Becky was adopted this month, and while every adoption is wonderful, for me, this one is extra special. As is usually the case in rescue, we don’t know how Becky’s story began, but we certainly know how it would have ended if she had stayed in the pound for even one more day. Her final few days would

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Iggy’s Happy Tail

Casey Liut, Iggy’s new mom, answered our questions about how Iggy is fitting in since his adoption in March. Why Iggy?I have always had a love for shepherds as I had one growing up. My husband has always had a love for Rottis, so when we read about the  shep/Rotti cross, it perked our interest. After we read his bio, we became really excited—he sounded like such a

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Wordless Wednesday: Patience

This is Spike, sitting patiently on the snow in the dog park last winter. Spike is one of the dogs in the TAGS program looking for his fur-ever home! Looking for a new addition for the family? Spike might be the perfect fit! Thinking about adopting? Consider adopting from The Animal Guardian Society, click here!

May Adoptions!

Any month in which there have been adoptions is a great month, but May 2013 was especially exciting for the volunteers at TAGS. At the end of April, we were thrilled that a few of our senior dogs had been adopted since it is generally more difficult to find homes for them. Similarly, in May, TAGS found homes for Molly and Reimer, who, despite

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Boomer’s Happy Tail—Every Dog Deserves a Second Chance (Part 2)

Part 1 of this article can be found in our June newsletter. Click here to read it. We had a dog, Buddy, for 11 years. We rescued him from the Port Perry pound when he was a puppy, but we had to say goodbye to Buddy last October. At first, we all agreed not to get another dog. As time passed and the emptiness remained, though, our

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