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15-Year-Old Becky Was Adopted!

Written by: Andrée Wagar
TAGS Foster Coordinator 

Becky was adopted this month, and while every adoption is wonderful, for me, this one is extra special.

As is usually the case in rescue, we don’t know how Becky’s story began, but we certainly know how it would have ended if she had stayed in the pound for even one more day. Her final few days would have been spent alone in a small enclosure with a cold concrete floor and soaked in her own urine before being euthanized. Instead, I took her out of the pound and brought her to TAGS. 

Becky is happy with her new family.
They adopted Ryella from us, as well.
Becky is an old dog. My best guess is that she is about 15. Her teeth are worn, her hips are weak, and her hearing is fading. But she still has a spark-a light inside her that shines out at the world when she looks at me and ambles over to say hello. In fact, it is impossible to stroke her now fluffy coat and not smile. She has that effect on everyone who meets her. As she gains weight and recovers from an infection, it is easy to see the dog she would have been in her prime.

She was surely a strong and loyal companion, because even though most of her physical strength is gone, she remains loyal, loving, inquisitive and eager to be around people.

No, we don’t know how Becky’s story began, but we now know how it will end because Becky has gone home with a wonderful, loving family who will show her compassion and give her the love and care she deserves in her final years, however many she has. She will get rides in the car, trips to the park and more than enough cuddles to keep her going-all easy enough to provide. In return, she will teach her new family and others the lesson that old does not mean useless and that even old dogs give unconditional love.

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