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TAGS Educates

TAGS feels that it’s important to always educate people about pets. It seems easy to own a dog or a cat, but there is much more to it. We can always improve ourselves to better understand our furry companions. 
Chappie and Blossum (recently adopted) just graduated! Good job!
Hence, TAGS introduced a Dear TAGS section in the blog where you can send your questions about your dog’s or cat’s behaviour or any other topic that you might be interested in. Our certified trainers are ready to answer you! Submit your questions here.
TAGS is now officially back from the holiday vacation, which means that we are ready to launch our winter classes! Our first session starts on the 19th of January and is held in our dog park. Don’t miss out—you can still apply by emailing us here or calling us at 905-263-TAGS (8247). 

You’ll learn how to read your dog’s reactions and how to communicate with him more effectively. If you want to read TAGS-approved training tips, please click here.

TAGS will always make sure that your dog feels comfortable and never threatened while being trained. To find out why TAGS disassociates itself from punitive techniques, read this informative blog post.

We’ll also have puppy classes at Pet Valu starting on March 7. These classes will be most suitable for puppies of 8-12 weeks, so if you own a newborn dog, you can already mark your calendar for this date! More info will be posted as the date approaches. 

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