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Featured Adoptable Dog: Dixie

Dixie is up for adoption!
Dixie is a beautiful 1.5-year-old Labrador retriever mix. She came into The Animal Guardian Society‘s care a year ago from a Kentucky pound when she was only a puppy. 
Her arrival to Canada was adventurous! We laugh at this story now, but it wasn’t so hilarious when it happened. She has always been a shy girl who doesn’t trust people right away. Her travel from the States must have been frightening for her, because when the volunteers arrived at the dog park with her, she ran away the minute she found out that her collar was not tight enough! If you’ve been to our dog park, you probably know that there is a huge, open field behind it. That’s where she ran, and she wouldn’t come out to the calls of our volunteers (her having a new name made it even harder!). It was late at night and everybody was afraid that she would meet coyotes out there and get attacked. 

Dixie with former TAGS dog, Dusty.
For three days, we couldn’t catch her, but our TAGS volunteers always made sure she had enough food and water by the fence. The other reason she stayed close to the area was Bart, another TAGS dog, who she made friends with. Our volunteers decided to put food out for Dixie that was “enhanced” with some Gravol, in the hope of making her drowsy enough to finally be caught. It was a great plan, except that Bart somehow managed to reach it and eat the whole thing by himself. He passed out right away! Eventually, an animal trap and a whole chicken was used to catch Dixie, and ever since, she’s been safe and sound at her foster home!
She is still a timid dog, so you’ll need some time to get close to her, but once she warms up, you’ll see what a lovable dog she is.

Dixie’s Hobbies

Dixie is not the biggest fan of the ball but likes to run after it if another dog is chasing it. She is social and active with other dogs. If the pack is up to something mischievous, count Dixie in!
Dixie trivia: She has extra dew claws on her rear legs!

Also, she would never miss an opportunity to show the local squirrels who is boss!

She knows how to sit and stay and come when called. She is crate-trained as well. Dixie is an easily trainable dog, despite not being food driven. When she wants your attention, she will put her paw on your knee.
The gentle leader is the best choice for Dixie’s daily walks so that she won’t escape the collar like the furry little Houdini she was on her first day. She needs her walks at least twice a day, but spending some time at the dog park will tire her out the most.
She is very friendly with every dog she meets. Due to her good-natured personality, other dogs like her right away, too. She also gets along with cats. 
Dixie is very social—here with her foster sister.


If you think you’d like Dixie, don’t hesitate to fill out an adoption application form so that you can meet her at our dog park!

When she meets a new dog, she likes to sniff from behind first. 

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