Dear TAGS: What’s the best method against pulling?

Hilary asked: I have had a few people recommend a certain way of putting on our dog’s leash to reduce his pulling. Basically it’s as follows: run the leash along the dog’s back to its hips; wrap the leash around the dog’s waist under its belly and loop the leash through itself to make a slip tie (it has a special name but I

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New Year’s Eve Fireworks—What to Do If Your Dog Runs Away

Fireworks – CC image courtesy of bortescristian on Flickr New Year’s Eve is almost here, and so is snow and freezing cold! You have to leave the house with several layers of clothing just to make sure you won’t get cold. Does it sound familiar? Imagine if you are not prepared at all and have to spend some nights out there in a snowstorm.

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If the World Ends Today

5 Tips to Make This Day Useful 1. Take your dog for a long walk to the park (if the weather allows—read our cold weather tips for dogs) and give him some attention. Play some fun games with the ball or Frisbee. It’s good to spend some quality time with your pet not just because of some crazy Mayan predictions, but realistically, the holidays

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