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Outreach Event – Pet Valu Adoptathon

The Animal Guardian Society is set up for an adoptathon event at the Pet Valu in Oshawa located at the intersection of Taunton and Harmony. The adoptathon will be on Saturday, January 26 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

June Bug, Noelle, Lexi Leigh and Tanya will be at Pet Valu on Saturday and can’t wait to meet you! Click on their names below to view their profiles on Petfinder. 

June Bug – a Shetland sheepdog (Sheltie) mix

Noelle – a rat terrier mix
Lexi Leigh – a terrier/shih tzu mix
Tanya – a Chesapeake bay retriever

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  1. One of the most special dogs I have ever had in my life was resecud from a shelter in Colorado. Not by me, but for me. It was a loving gesture by my then boyfriend and I almost did not accept that amazing dog into my life. I just felt like it was all too soon and too early and *wrong*, since my beloved Golden Retriever had just recently died. But I was also miserable living a life without a dog. I am girl who is best when she her heart is carried around by four furry paws. My boyfriend knew this even better than me. He adopted a black lab/pit bull mix puppy from a shelter and brought him to me. That puppy was full of explosive and crazy energy and I immediately told him that he just had to take him back. This was an INSANE idea. But I was told that THAT puppy had already been adopted and returned 4 times and I was his last hope.Last hope. It turned out that Clyde was my saving grace. My relationship with the boyfriend ended, but that dog, Clyde, carried my heart in his gently for seventeen truly wonderful and amazing years. I can honestly share that I am still on this planet because Clyde chose to share his heart with me.You never realize that the life you save when you adopt from a shelter just might be your own.

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