dog and cat first aid

Pet Alert: Tick Prevention for Dogs

By Nomi Berger With the arrival of summer in southern Ontario, comes the arrival of an annoying and possibly fatal pest: the tick. For the past 20 years, what was considered a nuisance found only in the wooded countryside and farthest reaches of the province, has been invading cities as large and diverse as Toronto. Now ticks can be as close as your neighbourhood

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New Year’s Eve Fireworks—What to Do If Your Dog Runs Away

Fireworks – CC image courtesy of bortescristian on Flickr New Year’s Eve is almost here, and so is snow and freezing cold! You have to leave the house with several layers of clothing just to make sure you won’t get cold. Does it sound familiar? Imagine if you are not prepared at all and have to spend some nights out there in a snowstorm.

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Pet First-Aid 101

Last weekend, TAGS hosted a pet first-aid course taught by veterinarian Tanya Varley from Morningside Pet Hospital. Twenty pet-loving people and about 14 tail-wagging dogs attended the all-day event at the Quality Suites at Bloor and Grandview. Checking Merlin the greyhound’s gums. Through the course of the day, participants learned and practised such important skills as taking a pet’s vital signs (heart rate, respiration

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