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If the World Ends Today

5 Tips to Make This Day Useful

1. Take your dog for a long walk to the park (if the weather allowsread our cold weather tips for dogs) and give him some attention. Play some fun games with the ball or Frisbee. It’s good to spend some quality time with your pet not just because of some crazy Mayan predictions, but realistically, the holidays are coming up, which likely means that either your house will be full of guests or you will be away visiting family. Either way, you’ll have less time to play with your dog.
Dog rolling in the grass – CC image courtesy of Victoria Reay on Flickr
2. Teach your dog a new trick that you always wanted to, using the TAGS-approved positive reinforcement method (see more training tips here or here). If you survive December 21, you can show your dog’s talent off to your friends and family during their visit on the holidays!
3. Clean out your basement to have somewhere to hide! Also, you will probably find long-forgotten dog toys, blankets or other items that might come in handy. If they are in good condition, you can always donate them to your local charity or shelter. Read about other ways to give.
4. Arrange a get-together with fellow pet owners and their pets so the dogs can socialize. Even if the world doesn’t end, your dog will be thankful to spend some time with his furry friends!
5. Be a rebel and ignore the end of the world hysteria by doing last-minute holiday tasks, like putting up decorations (if you don’t already have them up), wrapping gifts and getting some holiday snacks or sweets ready. Read our Top 5 Holiday Hazards to Pets before starting!

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