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Why I Volunteer: Nick

And Why You Should Too. Without a doubt, animal rescue is a morally righteous hobby. It is hard to disagree when you look at the state of animal welfare in our society, from general overpopulation, punitive training techniques, to puppy mills. But everyone finds their way into activities in different ways, and mine was purely self-serving. I grew up with a family dog. After

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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…

For those who are not involved in rescue, some of the policies and practices of a rescue group may seem odd. While many of the policies are put in place due to past experiences, the decisions rescue groups make can sometimes be more puzzling.  When I originally got involved in rescue, I was preparing myself for some really difficult situations. Many of the reactions

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I Wanna Pit Bull

Now that I’ve been volunteering in rescue for a few years, I am finally ready to start considering what type of dog I would get in a perfect world. For the record, I am not yet ready / able to give a dog what it needs; I am merely daydreaming. I’ve come to the conclusion that my dream dog would be the biggest, baddest,

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