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Tucker’s New Life

Tucker (formerly Tanya) arrived at TAGS in November. Very often we see families moving away and not bringing their dogs along. Tucker’s case was the same. Suddenly she found herself at a very different place, and without her family.

It was a big change for her, but she adapted quickly in her temporary foster home, thanks to her calm and loving nature. Little did she know that her future new family was already submitting an adoption application for her, so she wouldn’t stay with TAGS for very long. After successful meet-and-greets and a home visit, Tucker settled into the Annis family within the first hour of her extended visit. Her connection with her new family was instant. 
“If I don’t look at you, you can’t see me on the couch.”
So how is she doing nowadays? Tucker made friends with the two cats of the family despite the cats’ former wish to put the adoption question to a vote. Tucker is now inseparable from her owner, Gayle, and follows her everywhere in the house like a little shadow. Gayle feels as though it was meant to be: “In the beginning, we were unsure about whether adopting a dog was the best route to take. When you adopt a stray, you don’t know their history or what baggage they may bring with them. Adopting Tucker ended up being the best decision. She is the most lovable, cuddly, well-behaved, well-trained dog you could possibly ask for.”
Tucker and Trevor
Tucker is actually glad that spring is not coming early this year, as she loves the snow and prefers to walk or play in the deep snow while outside. She learned the family’s routine in no time, so now she knows when it is about time to go for the daily walks and will get very excited. They sometimes take her to the conservation area, which is her favourite thing as she gets to run more freely. 
Tucker and Mr. Piggy
One of her favourite toys is a rubber pig that oinks when she squeezes it. She often greets Gayle after work with the pig in her mouth. Gayle cannot imagine her life without Tucker now. “Adopting Tucker was one of the best decisions we have made.”
Cuddling on the couch