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Santa Photography Day in PetSmart

Thank you all who came and helped out or supported our charity on this rainy winter day! 
Mr. and Mrs. Claus with June Bug. June Bug is up for adoption!
Despite the weather, the Whitby PetSmart store was extraordinarily busy. A lot of people came to have their pets’ holiday photo taken with us. We ended up selling 63 pictures! TAGS received half of the proceeds, which can go toward rescuing more dogs in need.
Many people were interested in our program, too. Our helpful volunteers were there to answer any inquiries. Thanks to them, no one had to wait long for their pictures, because our helpers were handling the printing of the photos, as well.

It was a great opportunity for us to let people know about our charity and what we do. Very often, we find new additions to our volunteer team during these events or even a potential new home for our dogs!
Kadein was also there. He’s up for adoption!
It was hard not to believe Santa Claus exists because our Santa and Mrs. Santa made the dogs’ day magical with their enchanting presence. 
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