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Homeless for the Holidays

– by Nomi Berger

“There’s no place like home for the holidays,” according to the popular 1950’s song.

But for many, there IS no home. Not even for the holidays.

The “many” are those dogs and cats, either abused or abandoned, surrendered or sick.

The “many” are those dogs and cats, perhaps safe for today, while tomorrow remains a question mark.

With 2015 drawing to a close, we celebrate some of the “many” we were able to save and place in loving forever homes. And we regret that we lacked either the finances or the facilities to rescue and re-home more.

Now, as you gather with your family members and animal companions, we ask that you remember those without either families or companions. As you celebrate at home with those you love, we ask that you remember those with no home and no love.

And because this is the season for giving, we hope that you will remember them and us with the gift of a seasonal donation. For only your generous support will allow us to remain true to our mission.

Won’t you please help us continue to speak for the “many”?

Won’t you please help us continue to help and to be heard?

On behalf of the “many”, we thank you and wish you a happy holiday

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