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Five Benefits of Adopting an ESA Dog

~ written and submitted by Brad Smith

If you need emotional support and are considering getting a dog for it, you may be thinking about buying a dog from a breeder or pet store.  However, before you do that, you should think about adopting an emotional support animal from the shelter. Although breeder or pet store canines may seem the more luxurious and advantageous choice, shelter dogs can be just as rewarding. Here are top five benefits of adopting an ESA dog:

1.    You Save a Life

All shelter dogs deserve a second chance, after they are rejected, misused or ignored by their previous owners. One of the greatest advantages of adopting a shelter or support dog is you get to save the life of a creature that has feelings and is in desperate need of love and a roof to live under. Vulnerable and innocent, these dogs depend upon humans for their well-being and care and will soon learn to love and trust their “guardians.” Furthermore, when you adopt a shelter dog, it opens up a spot to save another animal in need.

2.    A Lifetime of Love and Support

Shelter emotional support dogs have the ability to lighten up your mood, lift your spirit and improve your overall well-being. The health gains associated with adopting an animal, such as a dog, are countless and are proven scientifically.

3.    You Can Adopt a Fully Trained Emotional Support Dog

If you are new at being a dog owner, you will be relieved to find that you can adopt a shelter dog that already knows the basics and is trained. A majority of these adult dogs in shelter are already house broken, have good manners, don’t chew, know a few a tricks, and much more. On the other hand, if you prefer a brand new, clean slate puppy, you will surely have no trouble finding it with the help of the shelter staff.

Rescues have countless puppies, adult and senior dogs, which mean you have a wide selection to choose from. Whatever breed you are interested in, you can easily find it in a rescue shelter, contrary to the popular belief that you are stuck with a limited number of dogs. When it comes to adopting a dog for emotional support, you will especially have to make sure the dog matches your needs and doesn’t add to your emotional stress. A rescue shelter can help you find a dog that meets your requirements precisely so you can be sure that your new furry friend will adjust well to her new lifestyle.

4.    Unconditional Love

A rescued emotional support dog will be fully aware of the fact that he has been “salvaged” and will be loyal, grateful and unconditionally loving. He will be content and eager to become part of the family and take every possible chance to please his family members. Moreover, he will always be there to provide you with emotional support, lots of physical activity and loads of laughs.

5.    Shelter ESA Dogs Are Relatively More Affordable

When you think about the fact that your shelter ESA dog has already been vaccinated, you will come to realize how reasonable the cost of adoption really is. Most can range from as little as $50 to $300. On average, the cost of getting an animal treated (spaying and neutering) adds up to around $50 to $170. Anyone who has taken their dog to the veterinarian for getting shots will realize how quickly these costs accumulate.

Adopting an ESA dog may call for extra patience, effort and time, but the gratification and joy that you can derive are invaluable.

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  1. There is no legal definition for an Emotional Support Animal in Canada. They are classified as a pet and only have legal rights as a pet.