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Aviva to Grant Our First Shelter

It’s that time of the year again. Aviva is holding another contest to reward some of the most hard-working charities that have the best ideas.They give $5,000 to every finalist and will fund the entire project idea of the winning non-profit. Just imagine! If only we could get to the finals. If only we could be noticed.
We are a small charity but we dare to dream big. We always have. When others turned their backs on injured, old or difficult dogs, we were always there to help. Because we ALWAYS give a second chance. We run out of resources more often than what would be acceptable. Even when our foster homes could not take any more, someone always stood up and made some extra space in their homes to take another sweet dog from the cold floor of a high-kill shelter. 
Our volunteers always go the extra mile because the thought of losing a precious soul is unbearable. But we have our limits, too and unless we break the law, we cannot foster more dogs than what is allowed. That is why The Animal Guardian Society is proposing to set up its first shelter. It will be more than a shelter. Don’t picture anything with rigid walls and windowless rooms. This will be more than that. This will be an inviting place where abandoned dogs can start living the way they are supposed to live. We will provide rehabilitation both for their health and their soul. We will provide hydrotherapy, massage, acupressure, low laser therapy, underwater treadmill and wheelchair fittings. We want these dogs to be ready for the loving homes that are waiting for them somewhere out there. With the space and the resources available, we will be able to reach out to schools and offer programs to educate children about safe behaviours around dogs.
We will submit our idea to Aviva’s contest on September 23. Voting starts on September 30. Voting is free. The rehabilitation of all those dogs is priceless.
You can start making a change by voting for us and sharing this idea. CLICK HERE to check out our idea.
THANK YOU for your help!!!

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  1. I Will vote for sure,please keep reminding us daily by putting the link on Facebook. Thanks Jan Thompson, mum of Justice and Thorton. :))