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In which area(s) would you like to volunteer?
Foster Home Foster Committee Petsmart
Bingo Adoption Committee Pet Transport
Newsletter / Publications Training Committee Outreach
How did you hear of our program and what prompted you to have an interest in volunteering for our charity?
Other than commitment and love of animals, tell us why our program would want you as a volunteer?
Are you currently a member of another animal welfare organization or have been a member of an animal welfare organization? If yes, please list and state position.
My preference when volunteering is: a) Working on my own b) Working with a team c) animals only d) all. Why?
In your opinion, what is the “most” important issue relating to animal welfare?



Is your family in agreement about fostering a dog/cat? Yes No
Is any member of your family allergic to pets? Yes No
Is there someone home during the day? Yes No
How long will the dog be left alone during the day?
Where will the dog be kept when alone?
Where will the dog be kept at night?
How long have you been considering fostering a pet?
Name and Address of your vet?


Do you live in a
Do you own or rent your place of residence? Own Rent
If you rent is your landlord aware you will be fostering pets? Yes No
How long have you lived at your current address?
If less than two years, how long at previous address?
Is your yard fenced? Yes No
If yes, please describe size, height etc.
If no, are you willing to install fencing/dog run? Yes No
Do you have any children? If yes how many
Will your foster pet come in contact with young children? If yes, please explain.


Do you have any pets now? If yes, please describe type, age, gender:
How long have you owned them?
Are your current pets vaccinated? Yes > No
Have they been treated for a contagious medical condition recently? If yes, please explain.
Have they been neutered? If no, please explain.
Do you believe in neutering? Yes No
Are your pets currently licensed with the municipality in which you live? If no, please explain.
Have you previously owned pets? If yes, please list types, ages and what became of them.


What size of dog are you wiling to foster? small medium large
Length of time you are willing to foster: 1-3 mos. 3-6 mos. 6-12 mos.
Do you have experience housebreaking a dog? Yes No
Are you familiar with crate training a dog? Yes No
Under what circumstances would you not foster a dog? Please explain.
Are any family members fearful of dogs? Yes No
If yes, please explain.
Do you have an area in your home where your foster pet can be isolated from other family pets? Please describe:
Many of our dogs are from shelters with no history of temperament etc. Are you comfortable with fostering a dog from this environment? Yes No
Do you have experience with dogs (i.e. obedience training classes, worked in a kennel etc., courses you have taken, books you have read etc.)? Please provide details.
May TAGS representatives visit your home at your convenience? Yes No

Applicants please note:

>> Responses will most likely be via email
>> You will be required to submit a Criminal Reference Check (CRC)
>> Training and Orientation will be required
>> A one year commitment will be requested
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