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ISAR’s Anti-Vick Campaign Is Being Heard

ISAR’s Anti-Vick Campaign Is Being Heard
Petition Update 5 (June 19, 2009)

DukeISAR’s supporters know that since the announcement of Michael Vick’s impending release from federal prison, we’ve been in the vanguard of attempts to prevent him from cashing in on the celebrity he obtained by participating in the criminal torture and killing of dogs.

Our petition drive becomes more and more successful every week, largely because our supporters are not merely signing themselves but because they’re forwarding our appeal to as many others as they can.

ISAR has not only spoken out forcefully on this issue, but we have condemned in no uncertain terms America’s largest humane organization, HSUS, because of Wayne Pacelle’s bedding down with Michael Vick, allegedly apparently with the intention of using the criminal dog abuser as a spokesman on HSUS’s behalf for anti-dog abuse.

Our anti-Vick, and anti-HSUS, message is getting out.

A few days ago, we received the following letter from an ISAR supporter:

It was with disgust that I listened to Wayne Pacelle, president of HSUS, discuss on television that they will support Michael Vick giving Public Service Announcements against dog fighting for HSUS. Pacelle said, maybe he [Vick] has changed.

Anyone who knows anything about human behavior at all knows there is no cure for a broken, half-formed soul. Vick not only participated in dog fighting, he instigated and participated in torture . . . which included, burning, hanging, drowning, electrocuting and stomping to death animals that didn’t fight well, and enjoyed watching bait animals (pets) getting killed in the ring. His involvement was long, bloody, and personal.

What Vick wants is to regain is his reputation so he can get his old million dollar job back. HSUS has agreed to help him. Could there be an unspoken quid pro quo here? Vick gets his contract and will make a sizeable donation, which would be tax deductible as well. There is something wrong when a “humane” organization supports public and proven evil.

The end does not justify the means. HSUS is ill advised to support Vick’s efforts to regain his career. I, and others who work in the animal field, will not continue to send money for the “good” work of HSUS if that work includes rehabilitating the career of a convicted torturer and thug.

If Pacelle has ever heard the scream of a dog being torn to death, as Vick obviously enjoyed as a past-time, Pacelle ought to remember that sound before he aligns HSUS with Vick and risks losing all credibility in the animal field.

HSUS should stand for something and not wash its hands in the blood of the dogs Vic enjoyed killing.

Although ISAR has been making this same point since our petition campaign began, we couldn’t have said it better.

When we asked the letter’s author for permission to send it to other ISAR supporters, we received the OK together with the following:

I have included my reply to some of the mail I have already received saying that we ought to give him [Vick] a chance:

In my opinion, you can’t excuse actions by saying “society says it’s
ok”, or saying “it’s a cultural thing” or “the devil made me do it”
…that lesson can be learned from the Nazis in Germany.

Vick chose to torture, in addition to dog fighting. If he wins after
this slap on the hand, people who engage is this behavior will learn
again there are no consequences to actions . . . just excuses and pay-offs to get by with it.

He is in the public eye and needs to be treated differently because if
successful, the results of his wrangling to play football again is the

Those rapists and murderers we give second chances to [not Vick], will not work in day care centers or any place they can influence or victimize again. If Vick wins with the help of HSUS or any other humane group, there is no good message, and he will influence behavior because he did, indeed, get by with it.

It is only my opinion, but I feel it is dangerous to align themselves
with someone whose only goal is to get back to what he was doing before.

There is an old saying…”lie down with dogs and you get up with fleas.”

If Vick “found Jesus” in jail as I hear most of them do, then it will
be shown by his works . . . not by public grandstanding with a million dollar prize as the goal.

ISAR could not agree more.

Please support our petition drive. All it takes is a simple signature-but that signature sends a powerful message.

Non-profit organizations usually solicit contributions to support their activities through direct mail campaigns.

But that doesn’t make sense for ISAR.

For one thing, today’s costs of direct mail solicitation by organizations like ISAR which lack multi-million dollar budgets greatly exceed a reasonable return. Frankly, ISAR would rather use the money we have in support of our humane education programs (www.isaronline.org), rather than spend it on paper suppliers, copy writers, and the United States Post Office.

Second, we believe that what we do-from our published monographs, to our litigation, to our efforts preventing Michael Vick from benefiting by abusing dogs, and much more (www.isaronline.org) – speaks for itself.

ISAR needs ongoing contributions to continue and broaden its animal rights programs. It’s as simple as that.

If you like what we do, PLEASE DONATE!

Among the many blessings of the Internet is the phenomenon called the “Weblog”— or “Blog” for short.

Originally mostly a vehicle for the expression of the author’s personal views on any subject that interested him, Blogs have evolved into a means for organizations such as ISAR to communicate with its supporters and others who may be interested in the Blogger’s activities.

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Individuals and organizations who want to receive our complimentary Blog need only request to be placed on ISAR’s mailing list at www.isaronline.blogspot.com.

Contributions to ISAR make possible the Society’s work for Animal Rights. ISAR is a non-profit organization and is tax exempt under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code. We depend solely on our dedicated supporters to enable us to continue and expand our work on behalf of animals. For more information about our work, please visit http://www.isaronline.org.

To support ISAR by making a tax-deductible donation please Click Here.

Please feel free to pass ISAR’s Newsletter Bulletin along to family and friends.

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