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Useful Pet First-Aid Tips

You cannot predict when an accident will happen to your pet, but you can most certainly be prepared for it- especially as the cold weather and the holidays are approaching since the number of injuries usually increases at this time of the year. Remember these useful tips when you find yourself in this situation: 
Pet First-Aid Course: November 11
  1. Don’t panic. Staying calm and acting quickly are key. If you manage to make decisions fast, you could get ahead of the problem, preventing it from becoming more serious. 
  2. Console your dog. Talk to him or her using a calm and relaxed tone in your voice. Your animal is just as much in shock as you are, so it’s your job to make sure he or she is in a resting position. 
  3. Move your dog carefully. If necessary, always move your injured dog as smoothly as possible, especially when you are about to transport it. Make sure to support his or her head in the case of head injuries or trauma. 
  4. Stop the bleeding. Stop bleeding by putting pressure on the wound with your finger or a bandage. 
  5. Remove everything that’s blocking the airway. Clean your dog’s mouth of excess saliva, vomit or blood to make space for the air-flow. Apply CPR if necessary. 
Enroll now in our Pet First Aid Course to find out more details and to gain practical experience that could save your pet’s life one day! Taught by Dr Tanya Varley, a certified veterinarian the course runs from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Coffee breaks and a free lunch are included. 

Don’t forget to bring your pet!
Location: Quality Suites, Bloor and Grandview, Oshawa.
Date: November 11.

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